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The worldwide leader in servicing,upgrading,and refurbishingVarian PVD,Novellus CVD,SpeedFam-IPEC CMP,Gasonic Asher equipments.

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CEO Message

Dear Customers:

Maestech Co., Ltd., started in 1998 as a repair company of semiconductor equipment, has been grown up to be a manufacturer of semiconductor equipment through the development of new technologies and products.

We know very well that this big growth was impossible without our customers support and encouragment, so we thanks you for all the kindnesses you have shown to us from the bottom of our hearts.

In order to satisfy our customer's expectations we promise that we will continue to make tireless efforts enhancing the quality of service and making new products baused on our accumulated technologies. We will greatly appreciate your constant support and encouragement for our further leap.

Yours respectfully


Kihyun Oh